Resource Materials

There are many resources available through AdventSource. Here are just a few.

Each year a Family Ministries Resource Book is created by General Conference Family Ministries Directors Ron and Karen Flowers in conjunction with North American Division Family Ministries.

Family Ministries Curriculum for Local Church Leaders is a training tool, developed by North American Division Family Ministries, includes ten modules written by Adventist family ministry educators and can help you develop a successful process of family ministries in your local church.

The Color of Grace in Our Homes by Stuart Tyner (1996, Pacific Union Conference Church Resource Center) provides 100 creative ideas to enrich family worship. 

Family Life Resources for the Local Church is a free catalog of materials available through AdventSource. Call 1-800-328-0525

AdventSource: Information about additional resources can be obtained through the denomination's "help desk" by calling (800)SDA-PLUS, or by visiting their website at:

In addition to AdventSource, a number of helpful fact sheets can also be obtained on the Adventist Forum on Compu-Serve or through the Fax Plus automated fax-back system by dialing (800) 474-4SDA.

Family Life is a quarterly newsletter published by the Association of Adventist Family Life Professionals (AAFLP). Membership to AAFLP is available to church pastors, counselors, therapists, college/university students of Family Therapy and Family Studies and volunteers working with Family Ministries by writing AAFLP, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904 or call 301-680-6462.